West Palmdale CA Real Estate & Homes for Sale

How walkable is West Palmdale, CA?

This depends on exactly where a residence is located. Homes located closer to the Antelope Valley Mall (Rancho Vista Blvd and 15th Street West) are generally very walkable. Shopping, eating out, and running errands can all be accomplished within a mile or less of this location.

Is West Palmdale, CA primarily single-family dwellings?

The majority of West Palmdale housing is single-family homes. Although there are some townhomes for sale near 10th Street West between Rancho Vista Blvd and Lake Elizabeth Road, they pale in comparison to the amount of total single-family homes in the West Palmdale area. 

What is the difference between West Palmdale, CA and Rancho Vista?

West Palmdale is the section of Palmdale west of the 14 Freeway (although some homes in the 93551 zip code are located just east of the freeway). Rancho Vista is a section of West Palmdale that begins around 30th Street West. So, in short, Rancho Vista is a division of West Palmdale.

Is West Palmdale, CA composed predominantly of owner-occupied properties?

West Palmdale is composed chiefly of homes that are owner occupied. The master planned community of Rancho Vista is comprised of single detached homes; there are no apartment complexes. The city of Palmdale as a whole is comprised primarily of owner occupant dwellings.