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Is This A Zestimate®

No. Unlike the Zillow home value generator, our market analysis are put together by licensed real estate professionals, and are not computer generated. In order to determine your West Palmdale home value, our seasoned agents sort through a variety of comparable data. This includes active West Palmdale homes for sale, properties currently in escrow, or homes that have sold in the last several months.


Our free home value estimator utilizes neighborhood comparables in order to accurately assess you West Palmdale home’s value. Comparables, also known as “comps”, are recently listed, pending (in escrow), or sold homes within a radius of a subject property that are comparable to the home being evaluated.


Location is key in drafting a property value estimate. To make sure that we are not comparing apples to oranges, a radius is established around the subject property in order to locate the most suitable data. Location is the reason that homes in West Palmdale sell for more per square foot than listings in other areas.

Home Size

A house value estimate is also heavily reliant on home size or square footage. A home that possesses 1,500 square feet of living space is not comparable to a home that offers 3,000 square feet of usable space. This is why, many times, you will see a “price per sqft (square foot)” sum in the detail section of a listing.


One thing that the Zillow home value calculator does not take into consideration is condition. Even if all other factors are identical, value is always predicated on condition. A home kept in excellent condition is not equivalent to a fixer upper. Pricing based on false equalities can lead to a major value discrepancy.


Upgrades and updates can also greatly impact the market value of a home. Aside of making a property much more desirable—thereby decreasing its marking timeframe, while also increasing its lure—upgrades and updates also contribute towards a home’s overall condition. Better condition, higher pricing.

Local Market

Not only do the home values near you effect worth, but the direction of a market can also impact pricing. In a seller’s market, property values are on an incline and are generally priced towards the top of a CMA (comparable market analysis). In a buyer’s market, values tend to decline, causing the opposite effect.

West Palmdale Agents

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